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  • PhillTheBass : still seems to be broadcasting my end
  • laustinaudio : it was my end then for sure
  • laustinaudio : im back on
  • PhillTheBass : cool
  • PhillTheBass : just in time for a drop
  • laustinaudio : how many dj's are doing shows on here right now? or are you guys still waiting to get the website up?
  • PhillTheBass : just really me, we havent started pushing it properly yet... waiting for the site to get off but anyone who fancies a set is welcome
  • laustinaudio : haha
  • laustinaudio : nice mix...lol
  • laustinaudio : any idea when the site is going to be up and running?
  • PhillTheBass : thats the other delay. Huw has a 7mnth old daughter lol
  • PhillTheBass : we're all getting old lol
  • laustinaudio : maybe you guys should think about bringing other people on board with more time on their hands. Great thing could come of the site. the domain name alone is so killer.
  • PhillTheBass : yeah man. I need to have a get together with Huw and see what's happening
  • laustinaudio : ok guy well great set and keep me updated.
  • PhillTheBass : was gonna put another one on but couldnt find it. Brookes Brothers War Cry goes awesome over this
  • laustinaudio : ciao bro
  • PhillTheBass : Cheers for tuning in. Hope you enjoyed, gonna have to shoot off now. Boy goes to bed in 1/2hr. I still got you on FB so will keep you updates
  • Maiya : My goodness, I am so annoying!
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